Tetris on Canvas v. 

, , : move tetromino

: rotate tetromino ; Ctrl+: rotate

: drop tetromino down

: start/pause/continue game

: cancel game

: download source code Help

: settings Settings

: show/hide help

This browser does not support touch screen.

Touch screen gestures:

Single touch: start game, optionally (see Settings) move tetromino horizontally to touch spot.

Touch spot move, first finger: move tetromino horizontally to touch spot.

Fast swipe down, first finger: move tetromino down to touch spot.

Second-finger touch and swipe: rotate tetromino or , depending on swipe direction.

Single-finger tap: drop tetromino down.

Two-finger tap: pause game, which can be resumed with a single touch.

Three-finger tap: cancel game, which can be started again with a single touch.

To avoid interference with tetromino horizontal and vertical “to the spot” motion (already minimized), rotation and taps can be performed outside of the game board.

Please see: License, about original game, contributors, original publication.

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