Microtonal Fabric

Microtonal Fabric is a microtonal music platform based on WebAudio API. It is a framework for building universal or customized microtonal musical keyboard instruments, microtonal experiments and computing, music study, and teaching music lessons with possible remote options.

All applications presented by this project can be played live using a Web browser.

The applications support standard touchscreen. With a touchscreen, one can play with ten fingers, any chords, glissando (important) in any combinations. So a touchscreen is highly recommended. Without a touch screen, a user still can play with a mouse/touchpad and, in special cases, a computer keyboard.

Browsers based on V8 engine are recommended, such as Chromium, Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, Microsoft Edge v. 80.0.361.111 or later, and more…

Live-Play Applications


Tonal System Comparison application

Multi-EDO Chromatic Lattice, isomorphic chromatic keyboard

Microtonal Playground:

With Microtonal Playground, the user can define any tonal system in terms of rational-number intervals, real-number intervals, or fixed frequencies, and, optionally, custom labels. When this data is passed to the application, the user can play it.

Specialized 29-EDO keyboards

Sequence Tool

Original Publications

Musical Study with Isomorphic Computer Keyboard, August 16, 2017
This is the first work of the keyboard-related cycle, and it is not microtonal. However, it contains some theoretical introduction applicable to other works, which are essentially microtonal.

Microtonal Music Study with Chromatic Lattice Keyboard, September 1, 2017

Sound Builder, Web Audio Synthesizer, May 19, 2020

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